My work focuses on detail, realism and individuality. I aim to capture every marking, vein and sparkle in the eye of the subject - their unique beauty that makes them who they are. I prefer to keep the backgrounds as plain as possible as this seems to focus on the presence of the animal.

My preferred practice is to meet both you and your animal, taking a selection of photographs on the day. Together we will choose the perfect one that I will work from. I then work to recreate your horse's or dog's character using gouache paint and high quality watercolour board. Once you have aproved and are delighted with the painting, it will then be professionally mounted, framed  and hand delivered to you.

If distance is a problem I am happy to work from an existing photograph provided it is clear, detailed and a good likeness. The same applies if you have a favourite photograph that you would prefer I use, or if you are giving a bespoke portrait as a gift to family or friends and need an element of secrecy.

I will provide a professional, knowledgeable and personal service for you, the product of which will last a lifetime and will immortalise the unique character of your animal.